Yasmin Philipos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

MFT# 105168          Yasi@mcaft.com          650-297-3400 x 4

Specialties: Adults / young adults with stress, anxiety, depression, loss, grief. Maternal loss, infertility, adoption.

Yasi understands the challenges that come with fast-paced work environments and the stresses of life in Silicon Valley. She specializes in working with young adults and adults dealing with high-pressure jobs, stress, anxiety, depression, career changes, relationship challenges, grief, loss and major life transitions. She also has a passion for supporting women who are navigating infertility, maternal loss and adoption.

Yasi provides a non-judgmental space that enables clients to become familiar with and compassionately explore parts of themselves – their thoughts, feelings, experiences in the greater context of their life. She helps clients make conscious decisions leading to a more fulfilling relationship with themselves and others, as they move towards increased self acceptance, compassion and overall well-being.

Having immigrated to the US from India 20 years ago, Yasi is passionate about working with first and second generation immigrants. She brings a wealth of knowledge and cultural understanding. She is bi-lingual, speaking English and Hindi.

You can email Yasi at: Yasi@mcaft.com


In private practice and non profit settings:
Since 2011, Yasi has been working extensively with individuals, youth and adults, helping them better their relationship to themselves and others. She uses a strengths based approach collaborating with clients to help them succeed one mindful choice at a time. This begins by observation and increasing awareness of client thoughts, beliefs, feelings, bodily sensations. Over the course of their therapy, her clients become increasingly aware and accepting of parts of themselves that were hard to accept before. With a developing practice of mindful awareness, curiosity, connectedness, and self compassion, clients move towards a place of increased regulation, peace, calm, and creativity. While Yasi enjoys working with highly diverse clientele, she has a passion for and much experience working with Indian and Pakistani immigrant engineers in the silicon valley, because of her previous life as an immigrant software engineer many moons ago. Yasi also provides Christian counseling for clients who want their Christian faith be more integrated part of their healing journey.

Yasi co-leads a weekly psychotherapy group for adults with childhood of emotional neglect at the Christian Counseling Center. Topics include,
mindfulness practice, boundaries, relationships, emotion regulation, self compassion, stress management, growth mindset among others.

Community Outreach:
Yasi volunteers as a member of the leadership team and works hands on with high risk youth at Bayshore Christian Ministries in East Palo Alto
in the First Lego League program. Other relevant experiences include being a camp counselor at Foster Kids Camp, community organization in East Palo Alto, and mentoring in the context of church.


Bachelor’s in Science in Computer Science from University of North Carolina
Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University.


Somatic Experiencing Consultation
South Asian Mental Health Symposiums
Adoption Related Attachment and Parenting Courses
Internal Family Systems
Psychodynamic Therapy Group Consultation
Group Therapy Consultation
Advanced courses in Graduate degree: Object Relations/Attachment Theory,
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction