Mindful Child and Family Therapy

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“This is an exceptionally skilled and kind group of therapists.”

– Elizabeth Powell, MFT

Healing The Family Within

Whether you’re a stressed out teen, an overwhelmed parent struggling to raise an emotionally dysregulated child, or an individual adult who wants to resolve past trauma, we’re here to help you heal. Our compassionate therapists will gently guide you in a respectful exploration of your inner world. We’ll lead you on a transformative journey to help you get to know the many different aspects of your inner life that shape your experiences and influence your relational dynamics. Our skilled clinicians will hold your highest potential in mind and heart, while helping you to heal the wounds and unburden the beliefs that limit your life. We’re here to help you (or your children) live in alignment with your true nature, reach your full potential, achieve optimal performance and experience the benefits of confident, courageous and compassionate Self-leadership.

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Our team is here for you and your family

We collaborate as a team to offer you and your family members caring support. Our Play Therapists will help your children heal and transform using play therapy techniques such as art, Sandtray, and therapeutic games. Our Teen Therapists will provide a safe space for your teens to thrive as they blossom into the best and most authentic versions of themselves. Our Parenting Consultants will help you to re-parent yourself, to heal the wounds from your own childhood, and to bring your calm, confident, and compassionate Self-leadership to your children. Our Family Therapists will help each of your family members address old wounds, heal from past hurts and ultimately reconnect.

And if you’re an individual adult – good news! All of our therapists are trained to guide you on your healing journey and will compassionately support you as you navigate your life, your work and your most important relationships.

Our Director, Jaclyn Long, along with many therapists on our team, specializes in the following evidence-based approaches:

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