Lakshmi Kalluri

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MFT#127372 
650-297-3400 x 17
Locations: Teletherapy
Fee: Sliding Scale, $180 - $250


Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu

Adults: Trauma, Complex Trauma, Early Childhood Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Medical Trauma, Coping with Challenging Medical Diagnoses, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Anxiety (Hypervigilence, Worry, Panic, Performance Anxiety / Perfectionism, Social Anxiety, Postpartum Anxiety), Depression / Postpartum Depression, Parenting, Motherhood, Life Transitions, Career Path, Job Stress / Burnout, Identity & Acculturation 

Teens: Trauma, Complex Trauma, Medical Trauma, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Emotion Regulation, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety / Perfectionism, Academic Stress, Peer Challenges, Self Esteem, Depression, Identity & Acculturation Issues


Trauma Informed, Mindfulness Based, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

What Clients are Saying:

"Our family has been very fortunate to have the help of L. Kalluri. Our teenager has connected very well with Ms. Kalluri; and she has in her parent follow-ups given us parents really actionable help. I always feel that Ms. Kalluri sees and knows our daughter. Her counseling is very grounded in strong SEL. It is not easy to make a connection purely virtually, but she has with our family. She is very responsive, and we highly recommend her, and appreciate and trust her expertise." - Client feedback via Yelp Review

Introduction and therapeutic Philosophy: 

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is passionate about supporting teens, adults and families. Specializing in blending East-West wisdom, I hold a Medical Degree in the UK, and bring my deep understanding of the brain and neurobiology into my mindfulness-based work with my clients as a therapist. Having lived and worked in multiple continents has been instrumental in deepening my understanding of the diverse Silicon Valley clientele. With my culturally responsive approach, I enjoy working with clients who are highly motivated to seek help with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress management, relationship issues, and self-esteem. 

My clients describe me as warm, nurturing, and non-judgmental. I create a safe space where you can take your time to share your story and not feel rushed. Then I offer evidence-based, trauma-informed approaches to help guide you towards achieving your therapeutic goals. 

When life throws curveballs (and it does!), it can become difficult to navigate through the ordeal alone. During these moments, it can be difficult to hold faith and stay in touch with a sense of resolve and inner strength. I am here to help you access your resilience and help you remember your true potential. Through the darkness, we can work toward finding light and meaning, ultimately "making medicine" from your challenging experiences. I have been told by my clients that sharing painful life events with me has been healing, validating and liberating. 

Positive change is possible and together we will strive to achieve it by transforming limiting thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. My primary goal in therapy is to ensure you feel fully seen, heard and understood. I will listen to your stories through your lens and perspective so you can "feel felt". I utilize a strength-based approach - focusing on your inner strengths, and the inherent resources you already possess. 

I can assist you in accomplishing your goals, creating a more joyful and fulfilling life, and obtaining new skills to help you be self-sufficient. My ultimate goal as your therapist will be to promote your self-agency and empower you, so you are in charge of your life and your journey. 

Taking the first step to asking for support takes courage. We all need support and are on this journey for healing collectively. My intention as a therapist is to remove the stigma around mental health issues and to normalize the need for support, so that more of us can get the help we need to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

Therapy Session:

This is how a typical session with me would look like: 

Each session, you and I will collaborate. This means that I will ask you to check in with your internal state and consider setting an intention for our session. To support this, I will gently ask, “How would you like to spend your time today?” This is to ensure YOU will be deciding the focus of the session and set the pace that’s right for you. (Unless you would like more specific guidance from me, which I would be happy and honored to offer.) I invite you to express your needs freely in the session with me, so I can provide what you are looking for. I can help you to explore different ways to look at a situation, learn new skills, provide guidance, and so on, depending on your therapeutic goals. 

You will be invited to regularly share feedback of the session with me. This will provide me with valuable information and enable me to change track (if need be) to ensure your needs are met. I am flexible in my approach and will adjust and adapt accordingly to ensure your therapeutic needs and goals are fulfilled. 

Through our dialogue, we will collaboratively develop a custom-tailored treatment plan for your unique needs and goals. These therapeutic goals will be reviewed throughout therapy. 

You are in charge of your healing journey. I will present a combination of evidence-based treatment modalities so you can choose the one you resonate most with in the moment. I typically employ different theoretical orientations/ interventions seamlessly depending on your needs during the session. 

Theoretical orientation: 

We will choose the therapy approach together from the following modalities: mindfulness based, cognitive-behavioral framework, solution-focused, dialaectical behavior, client-centered, strength-based and emotion-focused therapy. I also ensure practicing therapy utilizes a culturally sensitive perspective and takes unique factors that are important to you into consideration, for example your religious or spiritual beliefs. 

Self-compassion and forgiveness are important concepts I include in my work with my clients. The following quote resonates deeply with me. 

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete” - Jack Kornfield 


MA, Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University
MBBCh, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Cardiff University