A video message to parents of teens from our Director, Jaclyn Long:

Hey Teen!

This is a space just for you. Your therapist will create a space for you away from all expectations and demands.

A place where you can discover yourself, explore who you are and who you want to become.

A safe space where you can share your hopes, your dreams, your fears and anything that has been weighing heavily on your mind, body or heart.

Free from the pressure to perform or meet any type of external standards, we'll support you with your natural unfolding. We'll invite you to become more in touch with your true self and the rich inner landscape within you, as you learn tools and deepen insights that can truly support you on your journey ahead.

There doesn’t need to be anything “wrong” with you at all. We are here to meet you just as you are, with open minds and caring hearts, to support you on your journey through life.

On the other hand, if you ARE dealing with something really challenging, we invite you to let us know, at your own pace and time, when you feel ready. We have lots of tools that can help you navigate the really big challenges life sometimes gives us.

We really do care about how you feel when you're here with us. So if the first therapist you meet with isn’t the right match, just let us know, ok? There are a bunch of us here who love working with teens. And it is REALLY important to us that you feel comfortable with the therapist you’re working with - that it feels like a good match for you. So we'll keep working with you until we find the right fit - on our our team or elsewhere.

We really hope you’ll take the first step of meeting with us for an initial meeting, to see if it feels right for you. We’ll work with you to create the experience that feels most nourishing, supportive and helpful for you. We hope you'll give us the chance to do so!