Nurturing Cooperation: How We Help Reduce Power Struggles in Children & Families

Navigating power struggles can be tough for both parents and children. At Mindful Child & Family Therapy, our compassionate team of counselors specializes in helping families navigate and reduce power struggles in children. We understand that these conflicts can be challenging, leaving parents and children feeling frustrated and disconnected. Our therapists focus on fostering mutual understanding, respect, and effective communication within the family, reducing conflict and promoting a harmonious home environment. 

Understanding the Dynamics

Power struggles often stem from a child's need for independence and autonomy. Our experienced counselors work to understand the unique dynamics in your family, helping you identify triggers and patterns that contribute to these conflicts. For this reason, we encourage parents to be actively engaged in the therapeutic process, so they can learn and grow alongside their child.

Effective Communication

We empower families with tools and techniques that promote effective communication. By enhancing communication skills, both parents and children can express their needs, concerns, and boundaries more clearly, leading to healthier interactions.

Teaching Conflict Resolution

Our approach emphasizes teaching children conflict resolution skills - such as Collaborative Problem Solving - which benefits the whole family. By providing each of the family members with the tools to navigate disagreements and assert their needs appropriately, we reduce the likelihood of power struggles.

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