Parenting Support & Family Counseling

Navigating parenthood while reconciling your own childhood experiences can be complex. With guidance, it can also be transformative, leading to a lasting legacy of love. We offer guidance to strengthen parenting skills, improve family communication, and establish loving relationships that can last a lifetime. 

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If you're seeking closer relationships with your children and/or family members, if you want to reduce conflict in your home, if you want to parent in a way that nurtures loving care and respect, then you've come to the right place. We're here to help!

We're passionate about supporting parents:

We trust that every parent is doing the very best they can with what they've got. We know our culture is not set up to support parents well. With this in mind, we provide a safe space for parents to unpack their thoughts and feelings they have about doing one of the most important and most demanding jobs in the world. We walk side by side with parents, helping parents consider the most effective ways to intervene with:

  • Emotionally dysregulated children & teens with explosive feelings who are showing off-track behavior
  • Anxious children & teens
  • Highly sensitive children & teens
  • Depressed children & teens
  • Defiant children & teens
  • Adult children who have been estranged

We help parents get to know and work with their own, activated parts when their children / teens push their buttons. We empower parents with tools to nurture relationships with children / teens. We support parents with the process of resolving their own early childhood trauma, so they can shift intergenerational patterns and raise their children / teens in alignment with their most authentic Self, their deepest values & their clearest intentions. We also guide adults on the journey of re-parenting themselves, offering younger parts of themselves nurturing experiences they always needed, deeply deserved but never received from their own parents. We help adults bring healing to their own, inner child, which can free up tremendous energy in the system. Offloading burdens that wounded parts have been carrying can bring beneficial qualities - such as creativity, spontaneity, connection and play - back into their lives. When you bring healing to yourself, everyone around you benefits...especially your children.

We recommend that parents schedule regular sessions with your child / teen therapist (weekly or every other week). The therapist can support you with the best ways to intervene at home when your child exhibits anxiety. In particular, the therapist can help you to:

  • Explore your thoughts, feelings and fears about your child’s anxiety.
  • Help you gain more awareness about any tension you might be exhibiting when you intervene.
  • Role play calm, compassionate & connected ways of intervening when your child exhibits anxiety.

This way, you can also update the therapist on progress with the anxiety, since children usually aren’t able to report on themselves / their own behavior with perspective & objectivity. 

Common reasons for seeking parenting support and/or family therapy include:

  • Desire to relate more harmoniously and function more optimally as a family unit
  • Parent-child conflict (including parents of young children, teens and adult children)
  • Parents who are overwhelmed by their child's / teen's explosive feelings and off-track behavior
  • Problems between siblings
  • Loss of a family member
  • Traumatic incident affecting the family
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Intergenerational trauma / family conflict
  • Desire to reconnect with family members after a time of alienation / relational cut-off

Family therapy can help your family heal from past experiences, transform dysfunctional family patterns, establish healthy boundaries and promote effective communication. If you’re interested in learning about how the clinicians on our team can help members of your family communicate better, heal and/or reconnect, contact us today for a FREE consultation.