What our Course Participants Are Saying:

"I don’t think it’s possible to thank you adequately for how wonderful this past weekend was. Everything from the way you all set it up, to your thoughtful gathering at the end, to the organization of the whole thing set a beautiful container. This is one of the best retreats I’ve ever been on."

- Krista Regedanz, Director of Palo Alto Smart Therapy, Participant in Self Like Parts Course, Feb 2024

“It was exactly what I needed.”

Participant, Self Like Parts Course, Feb 2024

"Karby and Jaclyn's Introduction to Internal Family Systems retreat was one of the best things I have done for myself. Their compassionate facilitation created beautiful connections, and the deeply nourishing content and rejuvenating yoga left me transformed and inspired on so many levels. Highly recommend!"

- Alicia Yang, L.Ac.

“I really loved this workshop for the small size of the group that allowed an extensive connection with the other participants and created a very safe experience for me! And Pam Krause was open, inviting, caring and very knowledgeable”

- Participant, Self Like Parts Course, Feb 2024

“Karby and Jaclyn created a beautiful, deeply safe space for this weekend retreat. It felt spacious, well timed out, and was a comprehensive overview of IFS. There was a lot of time for connection with participants, questions, and practice (both internally and with other participants) with the model. I came away with new friends and colleagues, a better understanding of the IFS model, and healing that will span my personal and professional work.”

- D Mar, MPH, LCSW

“Jaclyn did an amazing job of holding the group and attending to everyone's needs. I loved all of her experiential offerings; the closing was the best one I have ever attended in a training without question. Much appreciation and gratitude.”

- Participant, Self Like Parts Course, Feb 2024

What our Retreat Participants Are Saying:

Thank you for your wisdom, compassion, and generosity. It was such a meaningful retreat for all of us, both into ourselves, amongst our little family, and with your beautiful community. What a wonderful group of young people especially. Gives me so much hope.

- Nico Westermann, Participant, Family Self-Leadership Retreat May 2024

You all intentionally create such a wonderful experience for us to slow down, go inside and ask what’s important to each of us. And you create such a safe, trusting environment. 

Georgette Wong

It was refreshing, inspiring and educational. 


The retreat was powerfully connecting, rejuvenating and even transformative.

Thank you for this opportunity to take a break in the middle of life's chores and challenges to listen to all our parts, in the safe container you created. 


I loved doing Yin every day twice a day. I think it helped set the tone of the entire retreat of renewal and self care. Jackie's speaking during yin yoga was also powerful and moving. I absolutely loved the dancing. It felt like an externalization of both our individual and collective parts allowing themselves to be seen and expressed. The final inner and outer circle exercise was profoundly moving. I loved that it celebrated our connectedness, as well as both our individual and collective roles in healing each other. 

I'm so grateful for your support and for your efforts in providing this opportunity to our community.

Gabriela Nielsen