Evidence-Based Teen Therapy in Half Moon Bay, CA

Adolescence comes with its share of emotional challenges and shifts in interpersonal relationships. The therapists at Mindful Child & Family Therapy in Half Moon Bay, California, deeply understand how life’s complexities affect teenagers, and we offer a safe, compassionate space for teens to explore their emotions and shifting identities. With our evidence-based teen therapy services, your teen can learn coping skills, achieve emotional regulation, and build self-esteem to navigate life’s changes confidently.

Supporting Teenagers on Their Journeys to Well-being

Teenagers experience significant emotional, psychological, and social changes, and this stage of their lives may cause mood swings, stress, low self-esteem, conflicts, anxiety, identity shifts, and problems at home. Major rifts between teens and their parents can make it challenging for teens to access the wise guidance and loving support their parents have to offer. That’s when it helps for our teen therapists to step in so they can establish a safe space for teens to express themselves, explore their thoughts and feelings, and learn tools that will support them on their path to wellness.

Our Therapeutic Approaches

Mindful Child & Family Therapy uses various evidence-based therapy modalities. Our therapists implement a combination of the following:

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – With CBT, your teenager will learn to identify their feelings and develop ways to regulate their emotions. CBT also encourages teens to adjust unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy – IFS empowers teens to manage their emotions and focus on Self-Leadership skills.
  • Art therapy and music therapy – By emphasizing creativity, these therapies allow teens to process their emotions and thoughts in a safe, relaxed, low-stress space.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – DBT uses mindfulness tools to help teens with interpersonal development, trauma work, emotional regulation, and self-esteem.

Compassionate Therapy for Emotional Well-Being

Mindful Child & Family Therapy in Half Moon Bay, CA, provides effective teen therapy to help teenagers handle the challenges associated with adolescence. Our trained therapists strive to create a safe space where teenagers can explore their feelings, learn tools to encourage emotional regulation, and promote a path of wellness for life’s journey ahead. Parents can request a free 20-minute consultation with a few of our teen specialists in order to determine which therapist seems like the best fit for their particular teen. Contact us to start the journey today.