Child Therapy Services

Anxiety, Worry & Panic

Our child-centered approach helps young ones resolve intense feelings of distress. By employing age-appropriate techniques, such as mindfulness, play therapy, family therapy and art therapy, we help children heal their nervous systems, build resilience and boost well-being.

Grief, Loss & Depression

Children can find it particularly challenging to cope with profound feelings of sadness, loss, or grief. Our empathetic therapists offer a safe space where children can express their emotions and process them more fully, helping them regain their innate sense of joy and curiosity.

Tantrums & Defiance

We offer guidance to children demonstrating off-track behaviors, helping them better understand and process their emotions. Our strategies extend to families too, empowering parents with effective interventions for challenging behaviors that enhance their child's emotional well-being.

Power Struggles

Navigating power struggles can be tough for both parents and children. Our therapists focus on fostering mutual understanding, respect, and effective communication within the family, reducing conflict and promoting a harmonious home environment.

High Sensitivity

For highly sensitive children, the world can feel VERY overwhelming. Our compassionate therapists provide a nurturing environment where these children can learn to harness their sensitivity as a strength, promoting self-acceptance, resilience, and confidence.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a powerful tool in helping children express their thoughts and feelings when words fail them. Our therapists are skilled in this therapeutic technique, using play to facilitate communication, explore emotions, and address behavioral issues, enabling children to heal, grow and thrive.