Adult & Teen Therapy Services

Anxiety, Panic & Worry

We offer a supportive environment as you begin your healing journey with the anxiety you’ve been experiencing. Our evidence-based approaches focus on enhancing resilience, enabling you to face life's challenges with an increased sense of courage, calm and confidence.

Life Transitions, Grief & Depression

We understand how overwhelming certain life events and emotional states can be. Our therapists offer compassionate therapeutic support, helping you navigate challenging periods and restore emotional balance using proven therapeutic modalities.

Chronic Pain, Mind-Body Pain & Neuroplastic Pain

Dealing with persistent discomfort can be debilitating. We integrate trauma-informed psychological therapies with a holistic approach to pain management, helping you get to the root of the issue, aiding in symptom alleviation and boosting emotional resilience.

Overachievers, Work Pressure & Sports Performance

Pressure to perform in work or sports can lead to intense stress. Our therapists are dedicated to helping you navigate these unique challenges, offering effective ways to relate to stress, enhance performance, and maintain a balanced approach to achievement.

Trauma, Complex Trauma & Early Childhood Trauma

We provide a safe, supportive space to resolve past experiences and their deep impact. Using trauma-informed approaches, we facilitate your healing process while honoring your protective layers and respecting the pace and timing that feels right to all aspects of your internal system.

Parenting & Healing the Inner Child

Navigating parenthood while reconciling your own childhood experiences can be complex. With guidance, it can also be transformative, leading to a lasting legacy of love. We offer guidance to strengthen parenting skills, improve family communication, and establish loving relationships that can last a lifetime.

Identity (Cultural, Work, Peer, Sexual & Gender)

Exploring your identity can be a deeply meaningful journey. Our culturally responsive, LGBTQ+ affirming therapists help you explore, discover and better understand your unique and unfolding identity, inviting you to foster self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-confidence all along the way.

Relationships with Family Members, Partners & Peers

Building and maintaining healthy relationships can be both rewarding and challenging. We focus on fostering effective communication to help resolve conflicts and nurture healthier, more fulfilling connections with the most important people in your life.