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Self-Care Tips for Parents of Special Needs Children

The concept of selflessness is often seen as a virtue; and yet, if we fail to fulfill our own needs and nurture ourselves, we are less able to help and serve others.As a parent of a child with special needs, you probably spend most of your days so busy with the demanding needs of your [...]

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4 Exercises to Help Teach Young Children Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body and feelings in the present moment. If you're silent for a moment, you will notice the subtle smell of your freshly washed clothing, the sound of your breathing, and watch a small leaf blow past your window. Mindfulness is an incredibly calming, relaxing practice that [...]

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5 Ways Working Moms Can Weave Love Into the Day During COVID-19

Here are five simple ways that working moms can weave a little love into our children’s day during the COVID-19 lockdown: 1) "Hug Bombs" in between meetings. Even though you only have one minute in between meetings, it can make a big difference for your child to feel your love. Open your arms wide, [...]

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5 Ways to Help Your Children Cope with Limits on Their Activities Now

By Jaclyn Long, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Mind Body Moms, Mindful Child & Family Therapy “I don’t CARE if it’s snowing! I don’t CARE that I have a cough! I don’t WANT to wear my jacket! I want to wear SHORTS! It’s MY body and MY choice! You ALWAYS tell me what to do! I [...]

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6 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Anxiety About the Coronavirus

By  Jaclyn Long, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Mind Body Moms, Mindful Child & Family Therapy We walk around with masks on. We stand in line inside the restroom waiting patiently to wash our hands for the suggested 25 seconds. Costco lines are out the door, and the shelves for hand sanitizer, bleach wet wipes [...]

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